premises (properties?) infested as per daily DPI announcements. With a few gaps filled.

would like to know how many hives are infested rather than properties.

6/7 is interesting as the whole region flooded on this day.

24/6: +1 ↣ 1
25/6: +2? ↣ 3?
26/6: +1? ↣ 4 “a new forth”
28/6: +3 ↣ 7
29/6: +1? ↣ 8? “an expanded zone”
30/6: +1 ↣ 9
2/7: +4 ↣ 13?
3/7: +3 ↣ 16
4/7: +3? ↣ 19
5/7: +5 ↣ 24
6/7: +4 ↣ 28

LSP #sampler (here mono and x12) are #audioplugins meant to play back samples. from the massive layered kick of your next hardtek track to the complexity of a full drum set. LSP samplers (there are different versions depending on your special usecase) offer everything you need. You can layer up to 8 samples, organize them in instruments, trim and fade start and end points.

Grab them at

#linuxaudio #audio #music #musicproduction #libremusicproduction

A tarantula hawk is a type of _________.

If you don’t know take your best guess.

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I think I’m going to deploy instead of .

Searx hasn’t had a release for 15 months
SearxNG is noticeably slicker looking.

I had issues with filtron (no ipv6 support!!! :-/) searxng seems to be getting rid of that which is good.

Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

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Looks like #FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE is out! Time to update my systems here at work and the one at home! :flan_hurrah: #RunBSD #BSD

auspol music 

ok final week, lets start working on the soundtrack for the federal election next Saturday.

lots to choose from but cant go past ACDC dirty deeds.

There it is in all its glory!
Behind this ugly name, hides a beast of a #synth that can do just everything. Additive synthesis, substractive, FX, you name it. It is REALLY powerful. But with greatt power comes great "gnnn, I don't understand". The UI, though nice, is a bit of a maze. But once you've figured it out, it's as easy as any other #synthesizer.
#zynaddsubfx has been there for a long while and it's still relevant as of today

Use and abuse it for everything.

Get it here:
Or use your favorite distro repos.

#audio #musicproduction #musicians

Am I missing something?
why does following someone take so many clicks on mastodon?

why doesn't the ... menu have follow in it?


Is it just me or was everything about that debate on 9 last night a complete train wreck

We have two new moons this month. Is there a word for that?

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